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About Us

A quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower begins the earliest history of FA in print as found in a 1970 yearbook.

“...the human individual is still the sole reason for the existence of all man-made institutions...”

According to a statement by the Board of Directors from that period, that statement formed the basis on which FA was founded. The statement goes on to say, “It is the pith of our educational philosophy. Ours is the proud heritage of an independent people, blessed by a generous Father. To that heritage and to that environment, parents, pupils, teachers, and the board of directors and other loyal supporters have dedicated their labor, resources, faith, and courage to bring about the growth of our children...”

On September 14, 1970 there were 105 students from Franklin Parish and her surrounding sister communities that became the nucleus for what has become Franklin Academy. While waiting for the paint to dry on the new building, these students met in several locations. The Veterans Hall, Rogers’ Clinic, and even a private home were used. By October of that year the students were moved into the lower wing of our current building. A few years later the additional wing was added for science, home economics, and administration.

Franklin Academy was incorporated on June 29, 1970, with these articles being revised in January of 2007. On December 2, 1971, at the request of the faculty, supervisors from the State Department of Education visited FA. They then made the following statement, “Based on our observation and the sincere desire expressed by you, the governing board, to expand and improve all areas deemed necessary to establish a sound productive program, approval is granted Franklin Academy.”

FA is a Brumfield-Dodd compliant school receiving E-Rate funds, and a bona-fide 501(C)3 organization as determined by the IRS. Additionally, through partnership with our local public school board and through independent endeavors, FA is the recipient of federal, state, and Title monies. In 2015, Franklin Academy received her first Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accreditation. 

In May of 1971 Franklin Academy had one graduate. In May of 2015 Franklin Academy had 21 graduates, which brings some 700+ alumni to call FA their Alma Mater.

Today, our current faculty has more than 300 years of educational experience. One of our teachers has 41 years years of service in the educational field. Being a private school we also have 135 years of MAIS experience among our staff. We can say that 40% of FA’s faculty has HIGHER than a Bachelor’s Degree. One of these teachers has a PhD. More of these facts are listed on the Staff pages located on this website.

Speaking on the idea of family, two of our alumni have returned to our campus as teachers. We have one teacher who has only taught at FA. Three of our teacher’s children have graduated to become alumni themselves. We currently have many students who are the children of FA teachers.

Our campus is made up of 45 years of relationships to the community, family, and education that we call Franklin Academy.

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